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We are Music For Enophiles, a NYC based band solely dedicated to playing the music of Brian Eno, specifically songs from his solo pop recordings from 1974-1977. Eno himself only did a handful of live performances of this repertoire before moving on to other things. As these songs really take on a whole other dimension when they are performed live , we wanted to give people a chance to experience this! Organized by founding Blue Man Group musical collaborator Larry Heinemann, Music For Enophiles have been performing in NYC since early 2014.

Music For Enophiles are:

Larry Heinemann – Bass

Peter Moore – Vocals and keys

Max Low – Vocals, guitars and keys

Brian Scott – Vocals and guitars

Kevin Garcia – Drums

Rachel Mcintosh – Vocals, keys and percussion

Chris Dyas – Guitars

Matt Hurley - Percussion




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Friday May 11th, 9pm at Monty Hall, 43 Montgomery St. Jersey City, NJ. With Wygalator at 8pm.