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We are Music For Enophiles, a NYC based band solely dedicated to playing the music of Brian Eno, specifically songs from his solo pop recordings from 1974-1977. Eno himself only did a handful of live performances of this repertoire before moving on to other things. As these songs really take on a whole other dimension when they are performed live , we wanted to give people a chance to experience this! Organized by founding Blue Man Group musical collaborator Larry Heinemann, Music For Enophiles have been performing in NYC since early 2014.

Music For Enophiles are:

Larry Heinemann – Bass

Peter Moore – Vocals and keys

Max Low – Vocals, guitars and keys

Brian Scott – Vocals and guitars

Kevin Garcia – Drums

Rachel Mcintosh – Vocals, keys and percussion

Chris Dyas – Guitars

Matt Hurley - Percussion




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Friday Nov 2nd at 7:30pm sharp at Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, NYC. We are first on the bill and we will be starting promptly.  Sharing the bill with us is Syd Straw’s (Golden Palominos) Bitchface!! This band also includes Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues), Karyn Kuhl (Gutbank, Sexpod) and Linda Pitmon. It should be a great night!